Inland Empire
Office Address: 
825 Colorado Blvd., Suite 243,  
Los Angeles, CA 90041 | 
(626) 486-9327

Comprehensive Valuation and
Advisory Services for the Los Angeles & Inland Empire Areas

We provide independent valuation services for commercial real estate in the Los Angeles and Inland Empire areas. We produce custom, consistent appraisal reports for:

  • Retail buildings and property
  • Industrial buildings and properties
  • Apartments, multifamily, and senior living buildings and properties
  • Office buildings and properties
  • Schools
  • Religious Facilities
  • Mobile Home & RV Parks
  • Land valuation
  • Stadiums and sporting facilities
  • Hotels, lodging, hospitality, and recreational buildings and properties

Specialty Services

In addition, we provide a number of specialty services, including:

  • Portfolio valuation
  • Valuations and analysis for right-of-way, eminent domain, and easements
  • REO and foreclosure evaluation
  • Going-concern valuations
  • Valuations of property for financial reporting, including goodwill impairment, impairment or disposal of long-lived assets, fair value, and leasehold valuations
  • Real estate market and feasibility analysis, including rent & demand studies
  • Property tax assessment review, proprety tax appeals, real estate tax implication analysis
  • Valuation of property for insurance, estate planning and trusteeship, including fractional interest, valuation for gifting, and IRS purposes
  • Restricted reports