Employee Spotlight: Kimberly Koeff

June 21, 2023

At Valbridge Property Advisors | Orlando | Tampa | Jacksonville, we deeply value the role each member plays in shaping our success story. This month, it’s our distinct pleasure to spotlight Kimberly Koeff, a shining example of dedication, versatility, and professionalism, as our June Employee of the Month.

Kimberly, who presently serves as our Administrative Manager, began her journey with Valbridge in 2013 when she joined our team under the firm Beaumont Matthes & Church, Inc. In 2019, Kimberly and a select few others transitioned to Capstone Valuation Advisors, LLC, further demonstrating her dedication and adaptability. For more than a decade, she has proven herself to be an indispensable cornerstone of our organization.

Always eager for growth, Kimberly displays an enviable passion for personal and professional development. She embraces every opportunity to expand her knowledge and effortlessly wears multiple hats within our company. From supporting Charmon with administrative and HR duties to coordinating bidding and new job assignments, conducting appraisal research, and training new team members, Kimberly’s versatility knows no bounds.

Kimberly’s world extends beyond her professional accomplishments, encompassing a vibrant personal life. Central to this is her 14-year-old daughter, Trinity, who is her pride and joy, along with her two adored small dogs, Feisty and Krystel. Despite the distance, Kimberly maintains a close connection to her family back in Alaska, visiting them as often as she can. This tight-knit bond illuminates another facet of Kimberly’s admirable character – her deep sense of family, connection and community. Since 2008, she has volunteered for and attended events organized by E.S.T.H.E.R. Single Mothers Outreach, an organization close to her heart.

Originally from Alaska, Kimberly’s journey led her to the sunny shores of Florida in 2004, where she now resides in Ocoee. Her roots in Alaska instilled a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, prompting her love for exploring mountains, hiking, and fishing. Additionally, Kimberly’s lifelong passion for dance, which she cultivated from a young age through high school, continues to bring her joy today. Kimberly finds inspiration in exploring new places and is always eager to embark on exciting journeys. She is an avid traveler, and Bora Bora remains a cherished destination on her bucket list, fueling her dreams of new adventures.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Kimberly Koeff for her commitment to Valbridge Property Advisors | Orlando | Tampa | Jacksonville. Her dedication, versatility, and positive attitude make her an essential asset to our team, and we are truly grateful for her outstanding contributions.

“Being a part of Valbridge Property Advisors has been an incredible journey filled with immense gratitude. Our team is not only friendly, positive, and innovative, but we also share a strong work ethic and a dedication to excellence,” Kimberly said. “Together, we consistently aim for the stars, always striving to deliver our best.”

Thank you, Kimberly, for continually inspiring us all with your remarkable work ethic and spirit.


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