News 2014

"Raise Your Right Hand"... Valbridge Pros Star as Expert Witnesses

No one holds up better under cross-examination than a Valbridge professional.

With industry-leading credentials, Valbridge pros are sought-after expert witnesses. On any given day, odds are at least one Valbridge expert is in court with a client across the U.S.

Tax assessment appeals, title disputes, estate conflicts, and eminent domain, inverse condemnation, environmental contamination and right-of-way controversies are just some of the instances in which the company is hired to analyze the facts and circumstances and assist in property-related legal cases.

Recent assignments include a tax appeal on behalf of a million-square-foot pharmaceutical facility, a title dispute over an avigation easement adjacent to a naval base, and a deficiency judgment against a family-owned printing business. In all these cases, Valbridge secured positive client outcomes.