News 2014

Five Valbridge Pros Presenting at Appraisal Institute Annual Meeting

Five senior Valbridge professionals are speaking at the Appraisal Institute’s 2014 Annual Meeting from August 3-6 in Austin. Valbridge’s Texas offices are cosponsors of the conference.

“The Unique Appraisal – Case Studies in Appraising Special Purpose Properties” – Walter D. Carney, MAI, Matthew J. Lubawy, MAI, and Arthur L, Schwertz, MAI, are speakers on this panel examining unusual and really unusual assignments, including special purpose properties with complex cash flow.

“Lifestyle Properties – Going Concerns & Allocation Valuation Issues” – Gerald A. Teel, MAI, is speaking on this panel exploring recreation and special purpose properties known as lifestyle properties.

“Qualified Appraisals in U.S. Tax Court” – Joshua Wood, MAI, who also is an attorney, is speaking on this panel examining how the IRS classifies a “qualified appraisal,” including how the courts view appraisers’ analyses and conclusions.