News 2015

Why CPAs Love Valbridge: By the Numbers

Certified Public Accountants across the country consider Valbridge their appraisal firm of choice, relying on the firm for help with all manner of real estate, business and tax assignments: 

  • Property valuations for insurance, estate planning and trusteeship, including fractional interest ownership for gifting and IRS purposes
  • Setting a basis in property for future sale
  • Purchase-price allocations
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence
  • Corporate and entity restructurings
  • Allocating value to land and buildings

“Valbridge appraisers are solutions people. They understand why we need valuations and what factors should be considered to produce answers that are reasonable and can be defended,” says W. Michael Howlett, CPA, a partner at Cherry Bekaert.

Valbridge professionals' respect for CPAs is mutual. Says Valbridge Senior Managing Director Kurt Mueller, "CPAs are state licensed and subject to rigorous exams, intensive work experience and continuing education requirements. We appreciate their professionalism and regard for high standards of practice. It's interesting and rewarding to help CPAs with their clients."