News 2017

Trends that Attract Traveling Millennials

Millennials have been described as the most educated, conscious, and diverse generation. These characteristics have fueled the creation of new lodging trends. With one third of hotel guests being in their 20s and 30s, being aware of these trends will help companies brand their establishments to target these digital natives.

Incorporate Co-Living

Co-living is a modern, urban lifestyle that revolves around openness and collaboration. This environment attracts purpose-driven millennials. Co-living is when two or more like-minded individuals share the common spaces in a living facility to get a genuine sense of a community. For example, two or more people can reserve a co-living hotel room that allows them to share the bathroom, kitchen, and living area while still having their own sleeping quarters. Airbnb and hostels follow the co-living model by giving sociable entrepreneurs a homelike environment with networking opportunities. It is projected for Airbnb to reach $2.8 billion in revenue for 2017. The hotel industry started seeing a decline in 2016 as a response to new co-living renter companies. Corporate hotel companies will need to integrate co-living options to spark an interest with millennials.

Personalizing Experiences

When millennials stay somewhere for business or vacation, they try to create their own story. Giving this diverse generation a chance to co-create your brand will help reach a wider following for future business. Targeting personalized interests with a survey when they make their reservation will help the hotel supply the accommodations for their unique experience. If a famous food blogger is staying at your hotel, one way to boost your recognition and brand would be to inform the blogger of some local favorites in the area. This will resonate with the blogger who will then feel inclined to share this with others in the industry to influence others to stay at your hotel because of the local insight.

Invest in Them & They will Invest in You

Millennials as a whole have been labeled as a conscientious generation that likes to be able to give back through their spending. Eco-friendly options and socially-responsible views attract this generation to companies that share these values. Millennials will stand up for what they believe in and support companies that are trying to make a difference. Being able to implement ways of making the hotel more sustainable by being conservative with energy and water use will appeal to millennials. There are simple ways to make a big difference; set up recycling bins around the hotel, purchase recycled or green products, allow towels and sheets to be reused if the customer would like, and install appliances that use less water.

Because technology encompasses such a large part of our lives, bloggers and social media personalities have tremendous influence on buying behavior. Being able to target them through the above changes is a great way to increase your millennial customer base.