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Valbridge - Women in Leadership

At Valbridge, we believe in the importance of diversity in the work place. Our core company foundation embraces women in leadership. Valbridge recently participated in The Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Network Convention, which gives us a better look in to the importance of women in the workforce, especially in commercial real estate.

CREW Network

Information highlighted at the convention provided insight on women in commercial real estate and why women play such a large role. In 2015, CREW released a Benchmark Study Report, and after that, women focused their efforts and research on barriers that persist for women’s advancement, specifically in commercial real estate. There has been, a gender gap in almost every area of employment where women are concerned, and we continue to see it today. In 2016, the white paper, Closing the Gap: Addressing Gender Bias and Other Barriers for Women in Commercial Real Estate, gave detailed statistical data and personal accounts of both conscious and unconscious gender bias against women. Based on the study conducted by CREW Network, women represent about 35% of the commercial real estate workforce in the United States, and 37% in Canada.

Women in Valbridge

Valbridge is a leader in the commercial real estate profession, having various women holding executive positions within the company. Our female leadership team has decades of experience across diverse valuation categories and hold some of the highest level commercial appraisal designations in the industry. Here at Valbridge, we celebrate the accomplishments of our female leaders and proudly recognize the outstanding women on our executive team.

Geri Armalavage, MAI, CBA, CVA, our Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, has been in valuation and advisory services since 1987. Her specialties include complex commercial real estate, business and entity valuations with emphasis on estate planning. Geri holds valuation designations from the Appraisal Institute and the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. Geri was the first woman in the United States to obtain the MAI and CBA/CVA designations.

Yvonne Broszus, MAI has extensive experience in appraisal/valuation and consulting in all types of commercial and special purpose properties. Ms. Broszus provides valuation services for complex civil litigation cases involving real estate in matters of condemnation, contract disputes, bankruptcy/creditor matters, environmental lawsuits, and more. She specializes in property tax appeals, having helped clients recover millions in property tax refunds. Qualified as an expert witness, Ms. Broszus has testified in many state and federal courts and is a highly experienced forensic appraiser.

Karlene Perry, our Chief Financial Officer, has been in valuation and advisory services since 1986, and has served as chief executive officer and a principal of a Valbridge firm in the Pacific Northwest since 2001. Karlene has significant experience in business management and operations, including process and workflow management. In addition to her work with Valbridge, Karlene also serves as CEO of Dynamic Business Advancement, LLC, a consulting services business focused on the appraisal sector.

Ashley Soape, MAI has over 8 years of valuation and consulting experience on all types of real estate including commercial, industrial, special purpose properties and vacant land. Ashley is a member of the International Right-of-Way Association as well as the Appraisal Institute. She was awarded the Appraisal Institute-Houston Chapter Key Person Award in 2013 for her commitment to fostering the growth of members of the Young Appraiser Professional Group. She continues to serve AI Houston as the Co-Chair of the Candidate Guidance Committee.

Diana Spencer, MAI is Senior Managing Director of Valbridge Property Advisors | Raleigh-Durham. Ms. Spencer originally started Paramount Appraisal Group, Inc. in May 2003 after being a fee appraiser at Hester and Company, another area commercial real estate firm for over 10 years. On March 19, 2013, Diana joined Valbridge Property Advisors as one of the founding members.

Valbridge embraces our mission to ensure diversity within our company and provide women with opportunities to excel.