News 2018

Arizona Spotlight - Interview With a Local Office Leader

From the desk of Michael J. Naifeh, MAI, CRE

Q: What are some of the factors contributing to Valbridge’s continued success in today’s commercial appraisal climate?

A: The appraisal industry is changing and Valbridge Property Advisors is an organization on the grow, continuing to embrace emerging trends and new technology. Observing trends, attention to detail, clear communication, and understanding local markets in national and global contexts are critical requirements for today’s appraisers.

Q: What makes Valbridge different from other competitive valuation companies?

A: Valbridge Property Advisors is a unique company, in a great way. In a historically male dominated industry, our company is a leader in gender diversity, embracing the contributions and leadership from many very capable women.

Q: What makes the Valbridge culture unique?

A: It is important that our current and prospective shareholders, employees, partners, and clients understand our culture which is based on integrity and merit rather than less important arbitrary factors.

Steve Bullock founded the company after a year of research and investigation throughout the county to seek high quality appraisal firms with a sustainable business plan. As part of his due diligence, he investigated work product and appraiser reputations. Steve Bullock’s exceptionally well-conceived plan was, and continues to be, executed by Board of Officers based upon this cultural foundation.

This cultural foundation was set in place even as the Board elected its first Chairperson, Geri Armalavage. At the first meeting, we started building our company. Geri’s leadership, organizational, and consensus building skills stood out. She was elected chairperson not because of or despite her gender but based on merit. She was the right person for the job and she has continued to do an excellent job as the chairperson of Valbridge Property Advisors.

As Valbridge Property Advisors grew, Karlene Perry from our Spokane, Washington office stepped forward with operational and financial initiatives which strengthened our company. Her efforts have provided improved healthcare and retirement benefits for our employees.

On the technical side, Ailsa Barrett, among others, deployed their technical skills, helping the company create and augment a robust and analytical report system second to none in the industry.

Another example is our Arizona firm with Phoenix and Tucson offices. Carolyn Van Hazel, MAI, is highly regarded for her integrity, technical competence, and leadership.

Q: What attracted you to Valbridge in the beginning?

A: As the Senior Managing Director at the Valbridge Tucson office, I can easily identify the reason I was attracted to Valbridge. From the first meeting I attended, I could feel the strong company culture through everyone in attendance. Valbridge continues to add awesome people to the team and I believe that is what makes the difference- the people and the company.

I am proud to be part of Valbridge Property Advisors, a company that embraces the philosophy of integrity and merit.


Michael Naifeh has been with Valbridge Property Advisors since 2013. He is a member of the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) and the Appraisal Institute, earning the MAI designation in 1988. He is a registered Property Tax Agent and a licensed Real Estate Salesman in the State of Arizona. Naifeh earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Arizona with concentrations in accounting and real estate in 1980. Naifeh’s appraisal practice is concentrated on valuations for the following purposes: Mortgage loan underwriting, Private negotiations, Legal proceedings, and Consultations. His clientele includes governmental agencies, corporate organizations, attorneys, development companies, and financial institutions.  Naifeh’s practice focus includes creatively solving real estate problems via deal structures, mediation and value analysis, and energy cost controls.