A Variable

A Variable World

Knowing the true value of something is more important than ever, and can be more difficult to discern — especially in today’s highly scrutinized regulatory environment. But that’s our specialty at Valbridge Property Advisors.

Valbridge appraisers evaluate commercial property based on objective criteria, in-depth knowledge of local property markets and time-tested judgment. We identify and analyze the variables that affect value, often seeing what others don’t see based on our expertise and independence.

In our industry, some service providers (including many brokerage firms) have an angle. They want clients to buy or sell, or borrow or lend, because their companies get paid for facilitating transactions.

We’re different from the competition.

First, we provide independent valuations and advise clients on real estate investment decisions, including buy-sell-hold and lease-own alternatives. Second, the leading appraisers who manage our offices also are shareholders in the company.

Clients across the U.S. benefit from our collective strength, with more than 675 staff in 78 office locations, and our dedication to elevating appraisal industry standards for accuracy, integrity, reporting, technology and data.

Valbridge professionals can’t tell the future, but we’re trusted by clients to provide independent valuations and powerful insights for better business.



Independent Valuations for a
Variable World