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Our appraisals are the most comprehensive in the industry and will help your client sleep better at night knowing that the valuation will stand the scrutiny of the IRS.

The IRS allows for a discount to the value of an entity that owns real estate for interests of less than 100%. This is known as a fractional or partial interest. This would apply to limited partnership (LP), general partnership (GP), limited liability company (LLC), tenants in common (TIC), C and S corporate stock and undivided interests. The discount relates to the fact that the ownership interest has a “lack of control” over the operation and disposition of the real estate owned by the entity and a “lack of marketability” due to the difficulty in selling interest that is not publicly traded and is not easily financeable.

The valuation of these types of interests can be very complex and it is essential that a proper analysis be conducted if it is going to be accepted by the IRS for tax filing purposes. Valbridge Property Advisors continually updates its’ proprietary national database of fractional interest sale transactions and has the required expertise to tackle any tax situation as it relates to fractional interests.

Valbridge Solutions

Samples of solutions for our clients include:
  • 709 Gifting Tax Filing

  • 706 Estate Tax Filing

  • Buyout of Ownership Interest

  • Dispute Resolution

Our clients include:
  • Attorneys

  • Accountants

  • Trust Companies

  • Bank Trust Departments

  • Estate Executors or Heirs

  • Fiduciaries

  • Owners & Investors

The Valbridge Difference

IRS guidelines specify that appraisals for IRS purposes must consist of a “qualified appraisal” and be completed by a “qualified appraiser.” Valbridge Property Advisors is North America’s largest independent commercial appraisal firm with nationwide offices. Each office is run by an MAI designated appraiser, which is the highest qualification in the industry. Valbridge Property Advisors specializes in appraisals for estate purposes and fractional interest valuation. Feel free to call or email any of our Specialty Team Members for assistance.

Comprehensive Valuation & Advisory Services

Valbridge specializes in appraising all types of property and land. We produce custom, consistent appraisal reports across the U.S. market.

Team Members

John D. Penner, MAI

National Director – Fractional Interest Valuation

Joseph Aldering, Jr., MAI


Valbridge Property Advisors | Indiana, St. Louis

David H. Brooks, CRE, MAI


Valbridge Property Advisors | Baltimore Washington Metro

Matthew Lubawy, MAI, CVA


Valbridge Property Advisors | Las Vegas, Reno

Gene Malone


Valbridge Property Advisors | Central Valley

Steven Vitale, MAI, SGA

SENIOR Managing Director

Valbridge Property Advisors | Wisconsin

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