Women in the real estate appraisal industry are finding a happy work/life balance, partly thanks to Valbridge.

If you’re a commercial appraiser – or anyone, really – wishing to master a work-life balance, then you’re not alone. When you’re setting up property inspections, researching comparables, calling market participants, writing reports, and so much more, it can feel like you only have time for work. But, as a professional commercial real estate appraiser, that doesn’t have to be your reality. In fact, that’s why many people find the real estate industry so attractive in the first place.

As a woman, you have many hats to wear – mother, daughter, sister, friend, caretaker, one-woman army, volunteer, PTO president… the list goes on – and though your career might be essential to your success, it doesn’t necessarily trump any of these titles, depending on the circumstance. Hence why a work-life balance becomes an imperative piece of your life’s puzzle.

Having a flexible job schedule in this industry doesn’t just mean being a work-from-home commercial appraiser. There are many flexible career paths in commercial real estate world that one can take to achieve that elusive work-life balance — maybe some you haven’t even considered!

The Valbridge Women’s Council provides a platform for the growth and development of Valbridge Property Advisor’s professional women through mentoring and education, national recognition, networking opportunities, and other resources – such as strategy and plan-of-attack – that provide endless opportunities for balance, advancement, and self-improvement. Here’s what you need to know.

Steps to Creating Your Dream Work-Life Balance

Design Your Own Productivity Puzzle

Consider your current, run-of-the-mill work day:  Maybe you start your day checking e-mails, editing pending appraisal reports, posting pertinent information to your social networks, and responding to messages. Before you know it, it’s already after noon and you haven’t delved into any of your top priorities.

To strike a better work-life balance, you may need to carefully evaluate how you’re using your time. Time management is an essential skill for successful professionals, yet it’s rarely taught. However, at Valbridge, that’s something we don’t overlook or take lightly. We believe in a tried and trusted process that makes this whole process more productive. Schedule your days and priorities with the following module in mind:

  • Organize your workspace (whether that be at a cubicle or within your home-office)
  • Identify the day’s/week’s top priorities
  • Create several to-do lists… and assign them depending on each one’s urgency
  • Take a “power hour” – unplug your technology and continue to work. You’ll be amazed at the work you get done!
  • Plan ahead and maintain your confidence

Sure, these few bullets aren’t an exclusive recipe for success, but they’re a great place to start. And maybe even consider working from the bottom, up. Maintenance is the strongest piece to the productivity puzzle. If you don’t maintain your processes, everything will fall apart again.

Find the Perfect Fit

If you’re the type of person that dreads going to the office (don’t worry – we won’t tell!) and need a job you can do mostly from home, you might consider a job as an appraiser. This job title could include a flexible schedule, remote work, and ease of telecommuting while still offering room for professional advancement.

As remote work becomes more and more mainstream, many employers in the commercial real estate industry, including Valbridge, are updating their policies to allow for it. Finding an employer who will let you work from home several days a week could make being an appraiser and/or consultant one of the most flexible jobs you pursue!

Take Strides

Keep in mind that, at the end of the day, you can’t do it all – and that’s okay. But if you find your stress level or even your health is beginning to be affected by your massive list of to-dos, you may need an intervention. Whether that’s finding ways to better manage your time, staying focused on more high priority items, or soliciting extra help, there’s always a solution at hand.

Plan for Balance

On a day to day basis, set the goal of building good habits into your day, whether that means eating healthy, incorporating fitness, or just relaxing. On a larger scale, take some time for you, too… we encourage it! Try to schedule any vacations, mental health days, and weekend trips far in advance so that there are things to look forward to on the horizon and create a strict cut off between work and play/rest/other duties.

Stay in the Know

VWC features an online discussion forum that provides an arena to search and connect with other VWC members. In this space, female professionals and leaders have a platform in which to discuss common interests and seek coaching through the challenges of business and family life.

More on the Valbridge Women’s Council

The goal of VWC is to empower women real estate appraisers to unite – whether that be through mentoring opportunities, networking, career-building session, workshops or a combination of all the previously mentioned.

Our vision is to empower VPA professional women for advancement, growth and development in all facets of life – whether that be while at the office, in the field, at home or on the go.

Finding Your Fit

There are so many different aspects of the commercial real estate business that provide flexible ways to earn either full or part-time income. When it comes to commercial real estate appraisal, and working together with Valbridge Property Advisors, the problem isn’t finding flexible options, it’s choosing the flexible option that suits you best.

Are you ready to learn more? Join the Valbridge VWC newsletter for more information, or contact us directly. The next move is yours – make it a smart one!