If your current employer has decided the appraisal business is “just an add-on” or not worth the commitment to enhance your technology, consider coming to work at the largest appraisal company in the US.

Valbridge is Not Your Typical Appraisal Firm

With over 70 offices nationwide, Valbridge Property Advisors is different from the competition. Our dedication to elevating appraisal industry standards for long-term and trusted accuracy, integrity, reporting, technology, and data set us apart from other appraisal firms.

Valbridge is committed to the appraisal profession, and proof of that is our commitment to advancing technology in our industry. Technology can have a huge impact on how effectively appraisers are able to complete assignments. We know this is a key factor in our ability to reach the next generation of appraisers, while still appealing to those who have been in the industry for several years and want to keep up with the positive impact technology is having on the appraisal process. The trend toward technology-driven solutions will increase significantly over the next few years, and Valbridge is prepared to stay in step with that growth.

Sustainable Growth while Providing Consistent, Excellent Service

We consistently work to improve internal success strategies and processes, custom valuation solutions for our clients, and enhancements to Datappraise, our flagship software system. Because of our commitments in these areas, our offices have continued to grow and remain robust and prosperous in the commercial real estate advising field. And while other firms are dealing with mergers and acquisitions, our leadership and employees remain members of the same trusted team our clients know, trust, and rely on for excellence.

Further evidence of our commitment to the appraisal profession is the fact that every Valbridge office is managed by an appraiser who holds the MAI designation of the Appraisal Institute. The MAI designation signifies deep experience in the valuation and evaluation of commercial, industrial, residential and other types of properties.

We also emphasize the advancement of our established company rather than always looking to grow in areas that are peripheral to our core goals and values. We don’t let distractions pull us away from the appraisal work we have always done—and will always do—for our clients.

Everyone at Valbridge is focused on working together to accomplish our shared goal: providing independent valuations and advising clients on real estate investment decisions while elevating industry standards. The flexibility of our systems allows employees to maintain a reasonable work/life balance that isn’t typical industry-wide, while still accomplishing VPA’s mission.

Valbridge Values Women 

In addition, Valbridge supports and esteems women in this industry. We formed the Valbridge Women’s Council (VWC) to provide a platform for the growth and development of Valbridge Property Advisors’ professional women through mentoring, education, national recognition, networking opportunities, and other resources for advancement and self-improvement.

When you come to work for Valbridge, you can be confident you are entering a new phase of your career with ample opportunities for growth and advancement. Choose Valbridge—a Top 3 national commercial real estate appraisal and advisory services firm based on total number of MAI-designated appraisers, total number of US offices, and total number of staff members.

We’d love for you to consider joining our team! Please visit valbridge.com/careers for more information.