Millennium Tower in San Francisco, CA

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Millennium Tower is a 58-story mixed-use, primarily luxury residential high-rise. It was at one time home to Joe Montana, T. Boone Pickens, and other high-profile names. In 2016, residents were informed that Millennium Tower started sinking and tilting, resulting in several lawsuits concerning repair costs and whether the issue had been withheld from buyers. As of 2018, the building had sunk 18 inches and as of 2022, the tilt increased to 28 inches. The tilting and sinking (two separate motions) was the subject of a 60 Minutes segment in which an upper-floor condominium owner showed that rolling a large ball bearing across the floor caused the ball to hit a high point in the room, where it turned and rolled back again, essentially rolling “uphill.”

Valbridge Property Advisors | Northern California worked on this for a diminution in value damages phase of multiple lawsuits. Later, valuations were performed again for two successive years at the County Tax Assessment Appeal level. Today, after a $100 million construction effort, the sinking and tilting of the high-rise has been resolved.

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