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During periods of increasing market uncertainty, it HELPS to have a partner EXPERIENCED IN analyzing risk as it pertains to investment in commercial real estate.

Valbridge Property Advisors offers property risk assessment services to help measure the potential impact of uncertain market conditions on all types of commercial real estate. Our property risk assessment analysis provides insight into baseline aspects concerning current market conditions, as well as occupancy and market factors impacting commercial real estate, while taking into consideration the inherent qualities of subject properties.

Valbridge property risk assessments combine detailed market analyses and site inspections with the Moody’s Analytics Commercial Location Score—an advanced quantitative method of commercial real estate evaluation using data from REIS, Inc. and Moody’s The resulting data is used to develop a unique, site-specific Valbridge Risk Score. This score can be used to make informed, real-time decisions regarding CRE investments. The Valbridge Risk Score is another example of Valbridge using data-driven technology to analyze variables that affect value and provide trusted advice to our clients on real estate investment decisions.

With a nationwide team, Valbridge Property Advisors is your partner providing independent valuations and powerful insights for better business. To learn more about our risk assessment services, find your local Valbridge office.

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