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Valbridge in 30 Seconds or Less

BeSt in The Business

  • We provide independent appraisals and advise clients on real estate investment decisions
  • We evaluate property based on objective criteria, in-depth knowledge of local property markets, and time-tested judgement
  • We are independent, not owned by a brokerage or private equity firm
  • Forward-thinking corporate culture unlike any of our competitors

Technology Valuation

  • We are evolving as a technology valuation company and thought leader in the CRE industry
  • We continually refine our proprietary applications via strategic partnerships with the forefront of cutting-edge technology in our profession
  • We have developed a robust suite of technology solutions which includes Valnow, V-AMS, Moody’s analytics and Datappraise

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Valbridge welcomes single-property assignments as well as portfolio, multi-market and other bulk-property engagements.

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