The Willamette Falls Paper Mill

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The Willamette Falls Paper Mill is an industrial site consisting of four parcels located along Willamette Falls Drive and is improved with an operating paper mill. The mill was built in 1889 and contains 351,555 square feet on 34 acres. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will acquire perpetual and temporary easements to facilitate maintenance and seismic repairs for the Willamette Falls Locks Acquisition. This route is widely used for the ongoing and pertinent operations of the mill. In addition, this route leads to the only docking bridge which is used for loading/unloading supplies, vehicles, and other various equipment.

Damages pertaining to a perpetual, non-exclusive, and assignable road and bridge easement and right-of-way were considered in the analysis done by Valbridge Property Advisors | Kansas City. Additionally, a temporary road access easement and a temporary seismic construction easement were valued for a duration of 36 months.

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