The Meeting Planning Committee has been cooking up some new ideas for involvement and interaction at our national meetings. Launching at the Charlotte meeting in September, the Valbridge Ambassador Program aims to nurture that.

As with any company, Valbridge is evolving as it approaches 10 years of operation. One of our challenges is to establish an outreach program welcoming new and old attendees to national meeting events. Every staff member is equally important to the Valbridge Blue team. Valbridge offers all staff members the opportunity to participate and stay involved in some aspect of the company. Our company is comprised of fantastic people with unique qualities and diverse backgrounds. We want to welcome every attendee at the national meeting events.

The Meeting Planning Committee has developed the Ambassador Program as a way to enhance our national outreach. Ambassadors consist of leadership and experienced meeting attendees that will ensure their group feels welcome and part of Valbridge. The ultimate goal is for all attendees to value their meeting experience. The Ambassador Program is designed with that goal in mind.


Each Ambassador will be assigned a list of meeting attendees. For example, if there are 10 Ambassadors and 120 attendees, each Ambassador will be assigned 12 group members. The assignments will include both new and experienced attendees, so one Ambassador doesn’t have all new people.

There will be a to-be-determined method of designating who is with each group. One idea is to use colored labels on the name tags so Ambassadors and attendees will be able to easily recognize members of their group.

Ambassadors will be free to interact with their groups in their own fashion, but efforts should include:

  • Emailing the group at least two weeks before the meeting to introduce themselves and the other group members.
  • Asking group members if they have any specialties, so they can introduce them to those with similar specialties at the meeting.
  • Welcoming group members to the meeting at the opening reception or other first opportunity.
  • Introducing group members to leadership as appropriate.
  • Introducing group members to others in the company with similar specialties, company roles, etc.
  • Inviting group members to sit with the group at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Answering any questions group members have–or finding an answer.
  • Explaining how the non-meeting dinners work; ie: find a group and head out!
  • Checking in with group members periodically during the meetings.
  • Noting to group members that attendees normally congregate at the hotel bar, if they are interested.

It is our hope that the Ambassador Program will help both new and experienced attendees get the most out of their meeting experience and leave with a sense of pride and excitement about what the future holds for each individual member of Team Blue. We look forward to connecting with everyone in Charlotte!