Earlier this month, Valbridge had the privilege of attending the International Right of Way Association’s 65th annual International Education Conference in Portland, Oregon. There, Clint Bendele, Laird Goldsborough, Guido Villenueva, Jason Mushinski, Chris Lantz, and Karl Finkelstein of the VPA team mingled with industry professionals and colleagues from across the globe and shared the mission and services of our company. Side by side with professionals from entities like IRWA and the Appraisal Institute, Valbridge manned an exhibitor booth and had the ability to inform industry professionals about the work we do on a daily basis.

We had such a wonderful time exhibiting and networking with many of the top names across the real estate industry.

We appreciate everyone who stopped by our booth and took the time to speak with us. This year at the IRWA conference, Valbridge held a giveaway for an Eminent Domaine Wine Basket. Congratulations to Kelsey Grove with Universal Field Services, Inc. on being the winner of our giveaway this year!

The week kicked in to high gear starting on Monday, with a full day of education sessions including the “Annual Utilities Roundtable,” “FAA Airport Land Development and Valuation Standards,” and “360 Degree View of Easement Valuation.”

We particularly enjoyed a session titled “Easement Valuation – An Oxymoron?” and its deep dive into whether or not property easements can actually be valued.

Tuesday and Wednesday held many additional education sessions and opportunities for learning. In all, the three-day conference presented 57 different courses, discussions, and workshops for all participants to take advantage of.

The Valbridge Importance

IRWA’s annual International Education Conference is a valuable resource for practical guidance on today’s most important real estate issues, trends, and topics. The event itself provided countless valuable insights on innovative ideas for planning effectively in what remains an expanding an evolving industry.

Valbridge was honored to learn and exhibit at such a prestigious and essential conference. Valbridge Property Advisors is the largest independent appraisal firm in the nation. Each day, we provide valuations and analysis for all types of right of way work, including takings for eminent domain and easements. Luckily, and particularly because of IRWA, we are able to do so following the highest industry standards of practice.

We always look forward to networking with individuals and organizations around the nation. This year at IRWA, Valbridge made lasting connections at local, regional, and national levels. We were honored to hear other organizations were familiar with our work- specifically in Atlanta, Charlotte, Seattle, Eastern Washington, San Antonio, and Kansas City.

Valbridge and You

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