Valbridge Property Advisors | Houston and Valbridge Property Advisors | Dallas-Fort Worth are pleased to announce that they have added a new position to their firm this month. Former Director of Research Michele Wood has been promoted as the firm’s first Vice President, People, and Culture.

The role was created in response to the ongoing shift in how valuation is being done, how appraisers do their work and the new realities of remote work as well as pressures from automated processes. As in many other professions, people are the most valuable asset and opportunity for appraisal companies. The firm saw the need to dedicate someone to ensure that workplace structure and systems are in place and are exactly what the appraisers and support staff need to succeed and thrive.

Local firms are small enough within the Valbridge framework to really understand the individual strengths of their staff, and to know details that impact their career satisfaction and workplace culture. The connections between people and their work help drive engagement, loyalty, resilience, and productivity in the firm. “The Covid era has challenged all of us in unprecedented ways, both personally and professionally,” Wood said. “Our appraisers have lots of autonomy to work in ways that create great work-life balance, but working remote or working just individually can lead to a feeling of disconnection from being part of something larger, something greater than ourselves. Having the ability to really listen and learn what each employee needs and what their individual goals are will help us maintain that sense of connection and the deep satisfaction that comes from achieving excellence in our jobs.”

Though this will be the first such role in the firm, it is a growing trend in corporate America, and especially among technology companies. Wood added, “Valbridge is fortunate to be on the leading edge of technology within the field of valuation, and that innovation has allowed us the space to really start to look at how we can build the very best employee experience, both individually and on teams, focusing on their unique needs and talents. We must ensure we are the greatest professional environment for an increasingly dynamic and diverse workforce.”