At Valbridge, we are committed to recruiting more women employees to maintain a strong, diverse, supportive, and empowering workplace.

Though women worldwide are closing the gender gap in critical areas such as health and education, significant gender inequality persists in the workforce and in politics. However, when it comes to Valbridge Property Advisors, we remain committed to recruiting women employees in order to maintain the strong team and values that Valbridge upholds!

If ever there was a time to talk about sex and gender issues in the commercial real estate industry, it’s now.

The topics were thrust onto the national stage in 2017 when news broke that numerous, prominent figures and male personalities had allegedly neglected and abused dozens of women for decades, using power in the industry to threaten their careers if they didn’t comply with certain demands. We’d like to place the negativity in the past and focus on maintaining a respectable and equal workplace for all.

Recruiting Women Employees Over Time

In the past several years, research has shown that the increase of women in leadership positions is helping businesses to thrive in unprecedented ways. According to experts, the longer we take to close employment gender gaps, the longer that trillions of dollars – and our country’s future workforce – will be left at stake, too. Here’s why Valbridge Property Advisors (VPA) is keeping that gap closed.

VPA is committed to placing qualified, professional women in the positions they so rightly deserve.

The Valbridge Women’s Council provides a platform for the growth and development of Valbridge Property Advisor’s professional women through mentoring and education, national recognition, networking opportunities and other resources that provide opportunities for advancement and self-improvement. Our vision is to empower VPA professional women for advancement, growth, and development of in all facets of life. We find it so imperative to have both men and women in leadership position and truly believe that our balance has contributed to our unprecedented success.

So how do we encourage women in our workspace… and how can you, too? When it comes to recruiting women workers at VPA, we focus on several attractive, necessary, and well-deserved factors.

A Commitment to Encouraging Female Leaders at VPA

Keeping Women Encouraged in the Workplace

Offering Flexibility in the Workplace

Oftentimes, flexible work schedules turn out to be a total myth. However, at Valbridge, we hold true to our word in creating a flexible work schedule that persists for our employees.

True flexibility means that the employees have the freedom to set their own goals and adjust their schedules around other needs in their life, such as childcare, urgent hospital appointments, and other, related personal matters. We strive for our employees to feel valued at VPA, in control of their work and home lives, and more productive.

Holding true to this flexible company culture creates a positive workplace ethos, where VPA places more emphasis on productivity and performance rather than hours spent at the desk. Too often, we see performance and commitment measured by the hours put into the job, the time employees leave the office, the late hours of the night that work emails have been sent out, or the weekends that are spent working. This creates an artificial expectation and false performance indicators that are impossible to manage around other family commitments. Furthermore, these constraints often fall on women who are proven to carry the mental load for the family.

According to researchers, 70 percent of women who dropped out of the workplace said that they would still be working if they had flexibility. That’s why, at Valbridge, we maintain a free and open workplace – and are fully aware of the fact that work is able to be completed just as well outside of the office as it is in.

Encouraging Women Role Models

The Valbridge Women’s Council (VWC) actively encourages, nurtures, and foster women in leadership roles.

By actively identifying successful women workers, shouting about their achievements, providing more training and support, enabling mentor-mentee relationships, and actively encouraging women to apply for leadership roles, we work to encourage all of our employees each and every day.

Seeing more female role models at senior positions helps to create a more positive support network at Valbridge, and, in turn, encourages more women to apply to join the VWC workforce.

To expand on this idea, just take a peek at the many benefits of becoming a member of VWC:


  • Experienced members helping to support and mentor our up-and-coming stars
  • VWC online discussion forum provides an arena to search and connect with other VWC members to discuss common interests and seek coaching through the challenges of business and family life

National Recognition

  • Awards and recognition for hard work, community service, and professional accomplishments

Networking Opportunities

  • Local and national networking opportunities at VWC events

Manage Bias Within the Workspace

It has been reported that women face more bias, both explicit as well as implicit hidden bias, from both men and women. Unconscious bias is a result of ingrained cultural conditioning where women are not considered as valuable to the workforce, and they are seen as not very committed to the job or the organization because of family responsibilities and conflicts. We disagree wholeheartedly with this mindset.

We remain committed to maintaining a fair and equal workspace – free of gender bias – at VPA. We are always looking to recruit more women employees and to keeping the Valbridge team diverse, strong, and supportive.

Joining the Valbridge Women’s Council

Membership in the Valbridge Women’s Council is a benefit of employment, and is open to all Valbridge employees who seek to connect with other professionals for encouragement and growth within the CRE community.

To join, simply complete our short membership form. You will be added to the VWC mailing list to receive email correspondence about upcoming events and forums, as well as encouraging personal and professional development content from VWC.

For more information, reach out to the experts at Valbridge Property Advisors. We are always happy to connect with potential partners, employees, and community members! We hope to hear from you soon.