Valbridge Women’s Council Member Spotlight: Jane Anderson

August 23, 2022
Name: Jane Anderson
Title: Administrative Assistant
Date: August 15, 2022
VPA Office: Greenville | Spartanburg | Asheville

Employee background:

I moved to Washington D.C. after college and taught in a public charter school before moving back to my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, and starting a family. Several years later, I began a career at Valbridge and have been working for the company since 2019.

What is your title and what do you do at Valbridge?

My title is Administrative Assistant. My main role is to support our appraisers by researching and front loading their appraisals. I am in the process of obtaining my Appraiser Trainee license and am currently helping to create and further develop the marketing, hiring, onboarding, and training aspects of our office.

How did you become a part of Valbridge and VWC?

I joined VWC this year and am also a new member of the DEI Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee. There is an empowering set of women at Valbridge who are inspiring others to set ambitious goals for themselves and to make an impact in their communities. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow alongside them!

What do you like most about working at Valbridge and being a member of the VWC?

I find Valbridge, and the Women’s Council especially, to operate more like a community than a corporate setting. So many in my local office and throughout the organization have carved out the time to answer my questions, give advice, or provide opportunities for growth. When you are completely new to an industry and company, it can feel and seem intimidating, but the people I have encountered at Valbridge are approachable in such a way that makes you feel inspired to improve and advance.

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