Valbridge Women’s Council Member Spotlight: Erin Hagenston

January 4, 2020
Name: Erin Hagenston
Title: Office Manager
Date: December 18, 2019
VPA Office: Central California

Employee background:

My professional career began in the Oil & Gas Industry in 2007 as an Independent Petroleum Landman. I successfully researched and negotiated thousands of oil & gas leases, amendments, land use permits, and agreements before transitioning out of that field into my current role with Valbridge in 2016.

What is your title and what do you do at Valbridge?

My official title is Office Manager; however, over the years I have expanded the scope of my work to include business development, marketing, and customer relations. I strategize, organize, and implement. I play an integral role in the recruitment of new hires, onboarding, and continuously make sure our processes are working efficiently. Our office is often engaged to complete complex multi-property estates. When we’re working on those jobs, I assist in the organization and project management.

How did you become a part of Valbridge and VWC?

I was in-between projects and saw an opportunity to work in the real estate appraisal field. With experience as a Landman the transition was very smooth.

What are your specialty areas?

Communication, office stability, and most importantly efficiency. I am constantly searching for ways to streamline processes that we as an office can benefit from and use daily.

What are some of the most interesting projects you've worked on at Valbridge?

Not long after I started with Valbridge I was placed on the project team that assisted in the rebuilding of the Valbridge National Website. This was an opportunity for me to become involved with integral members of the Valbridge family while stepping out of my comfort zone. I met amazing Valbridge members and learned so much throughout the process.

What do you like most about working at Valbridge and being a member of the VWC?

The opportunity. As a non-appraiser in a fairly young franchise, there is truly no limit to what anyone can invent for this company. The Valbridge Women’s Council is one of those opportunities. As a member of the leadership committee, I am constantly blown away by the talent in this organization. I enjoy working with others who share a common goal to improve, innovate, and elevate Valbridge.

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