February Market Insights: Retail Investors, Unhappy Office Workers & More!

February 28, 2022


We’re on the lookout for emerging trends and patterns in the LA and Inland Empire commercial real estate markets.

Here’s what we’re tracking in February:

    • Industrial outdoor storage primed for growth
    • Downtown L.A. has a secret weapon to fight pandemic
    • People returning to the office are disappointed
    • Investor interest in retail real estate is soaring



As commercial real estate lenders and investors eye new yield opportunities, the industrial outdoor storage sector has emerged as an asset class with large-scale, long-term growth potential.

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The pandemic-era emptying out of city cores hit few places as hard as Downtown Los Angeles. But what if during the next phase of downtown development, as hybrid work makes traditional office strategies a thing of the past, such residential growth — not commercial — is what matters?

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In a survey of 1,000 adult workers, 37 percent said “they felt worse in the office than even at their lowest point in the pandemic.” It’s hard to imagine that these sentiments won’t continue to influence office leases, sales, and trends.



A number of the largest retail sales in the second half of last year had one thing in common: redevelopment potential.

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