May Market Insights

May 4, 2022

We’re on the lookout for emerging trends and patterns in the LA and Inland Empire commercial real estate markets.

Here’s what we’re tracking in May:

    • The white-hot SoCal industrial real estate market spreads inland
    • Measuring and planning for climate change’s impact on CRE
    • Demand for mixed-use projects is the new reality for suburban centers
    • CRE cross-border investment hits record high



Los Angeles and Orange County lead nation in industrial market demand

With inventories tighter than ever, demand for industrial space is spilling over from Southern California into inland areas like Phoenix.



Transition-related climate risk and its impact on commercial real estate

Climate change will prove disruptive for property owners and occupiers. Those with a plan to mitigate the challenge of rising temperatures will maximize the value of their assets: new tools and metrics make that easier and more accessible than ever before.



Mixed use projects: How downtown moved to the suburbs

During COVID, more people than ever moved from cities to suburbs in search of more living space – but now they’re looking for services, retail, and experiences. How can suburbs strategically reposition obsolete real estate and empty storefronts into mixed-use projects that recreate the downtown amenities new suburbanites seek?



Cross-border CRE investment hits record high

Foreign capital flows into North America totaled $27.3 billion during the second half of 2021, the highest level since 2016, with the biggest year-over-year increases coming from Singapore and Australia.



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