November Market Insights: Trends, News, & Analysis

November 21, 2021

We’re on the lookout for emerging trends and patterns in the LA and Inland Empire commercial real estate markets.

Here’s what we’re tracking in November:

    • 14 important market factors that are affecting CRE investments and infrastructure
    • How rising inflation might be felt by taxpayers
    • Upcoming tax changes directed at corporations and high net worth individuals – and what some are doing in response
    • What’s in (and what’s out!) for the multifamily housing industry as Build Back Better heads to the Senate



From the Forbes Real Estate Council, 14 experts call out some of the most important factors they see impacting CRE investments in 2021 and beyond – and how you can prepare.

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The consumer price index has risen 6.2% this year, the biggest hike in over three decades. While the IRS has adjusted some measures in response to inflation, others remained unchanged, spelling a tough year for taxpayers.

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As the Build Back Better package moves through Congress – representing the biggest expansion of the social safety net in the U.S. since the 1960s – super high net worth individuals are looking at options to minimize the impact of proposed new taxes.



As Build Back Better heads to the Senate, several previously considered tax increases have been left out of the package—including any changes to like-kind exchanges, increases in the ordinary income tax rates, the general 20 percent capital gains tax rate, the tax treatment of carried interest, the 20 percent pass-through deduction, and the taxation of unrealized capital gains at death.

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